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Our Fees

The fees listed below are intended to provide a guide to typical charges. These may be modified (up or down) based on the complexity of the assignment. A simple assignment may merit a reduced fee.

More complex properties may have extra large or small sites, ancillary structures both permitted and illegal, multiple tenants with varying levels of protection under Rent Control, legal and illegal improvements, unusual design or architectural features. There may even be complexities that we have not encountered before. The more information a property owner can provide to us, the better. This enables us to quote a fee based on a realistic understanding of the work involved.

Residential Form Appraisals

Most residential appraisals will be reported as Form Reports although the most complex may be presented in a narrative format. The client will often request a specific form but for non-lender work we prefer to use the Appraisal Institute’s Form for single family residences. For large portfolios of properties we may develop our own case specific reporting format.

Single Family Residence
$800 to $1,500+
Large & Complex SFR’s
By Individual Quote
Multiple Residential (2-4)
$1,000 – $1,500+
Condominium Unit
Rental Value Add-on
Retrospective Value

Multiple Residential (5 units and over)

Form 71B & 71C + Narrative
$2,000 to $3,000+

Commercial Property

Non-residential real estate includes a vast spectrum of property types, sizes, uses, and locations, from the retail storefront to the industrial manufacturing plant, the small apartment complex to a major hotel resort, the small medical clinic to a major hospital. We have appraised virtually every type of urban and suburban property in our region. Each individual assignment will be judged by the complexity of the valuation issues, the purpose of the appraisal, and the intended uses. We quote our fees fairly and in advance of any commitment on the client’s part.

Special Purpose Properties
Typical Commercial/Industrial

Proposed Construction

Condominium Projects

Other Fees

Litigation Expert Witness and Consulting
$300-$450 per hour