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Alison Teeman LLB

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Alison Teeman grew up in Oxford, England and graduated from University College, London with a degree in law. She practiced as a Solicitor in London where her training ranged from music business to crime and a little real estate. She moved to the Bay Area in 1980 and decided she did not want to be a lawyer in California.

Her early appraisal career at Yovino-Young, Inc. included all types of residential and commercial work but her legal background encouraged her to specialize early in more complex residential cases. She frequently testifies as an expert witness and is often Court Appointed as an expert. Complex assignments have included some unusual insurance cases, including the House that fell in a sink-hole in San Francisco and, during 1991- 1992, she completed or oversaw appraisals of close to 1,000 properties in the Fire Storm Area of the Berkeley/Oakland Hills.

She enjoys the challenge of the unusual and varied housing markets found in the Bay Area and while she is often appraising architecturally significant or multi-million dollar property, she is equally willing and able to value a local bungalow. She has been a licensed Certified General Appraiser since 1992 and is FHA approved.
Alison supervises the residential appraisers at Yovino-Young, Inc. and trained four of the current staff.

When she is not busy in the office or looking at real estate she is a great theatre lover. Alison served on the Board of The Aurora Theatre Company in Berkeley and was Board President from 2004-2006. She is still very involved with The Aurora Theatre as a donor and patron.

She lives in the Rockridge area of Oakland with her husband and they enjoy traveling and keeping in touch with friends and family in Europe.


Certified General Real Estate Appraiser, Licensed by the State Of California Office of Real Estate Appraiser (OREA), License AG003312

  • Practicing Affiliate of the Appraisal Institute (AI) 1988-present
  • Former Director of the East Bay Chapter of the Appraisal Institute 1987-1993
  • Editor Chapter Newsletter 1988-1993
  • Delegate to Young Advisory Council 1991-1992


Graduate University College London, Faculty of Laws LLB 1971-1974

College of Law, London 1974-1975

Admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court 1979

Appraisal Institute Courses from 1983 to present

Fulfilled continuing education requirements for OREA and AI


1981-present Principal Appraiser and Vice President, Yovino-Young, Inc.

All types of appraisal assignments in the San Francisco Bay Area with an emphasis on complex residential assignments, unique properties, disasters and detrimental conditions.

Qualified as an expert witness in Municipal, Superior and Federal Courts. Testified as an Expert Witness at Assessment Appeal Hearings, Superior Court ordered arbitration proceedings, Federal Bankruptcy Court and Rent Board. Court Appointed Appraiser.

Teaching assignments include seminars and courses, “Appraising Tough Residential Properties”, “Unique Residential Properties”, “Residential Litigation”.

1980-1981 Independent Solicitor, William T. Stockler, Solicitors, London, England

Trial preparation, real property disputes, monopolies and trade practices in the European Union.

1975-1980 Assistant Solicitor, Simons, Muirhead and Allan, Solicitors, London, England

All aspects of legal work, preparation for court litigation involving breach of contracts and landlord/tenant disputes, preparation of contracts for recording, publishing and management, negotiating and preparing commercial leases and conveyancing of real property.