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Soren Nieminen

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Soren Nieminen is a commercial appraiser who has been on the team with Yovino-Young since 2022 after 10+ years working in marketing with technology companies including Apple and a number of start-ups in the Bay Area.

Soren has had a large number of jobs that have led to appraisal, from cashiering at McDonald’s at 14 to launching a best-selling book with the author Dr. Parag Khanna to freelancing with The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to research experience with The Economist Group working with companies including CBRE, Microsoft, J.P. Morgan, and Accenture. He won a Financial Communications Society award for his work with the media company Quartz. His strong background in research, organization, financial knowledge, and project management make him a great fit in the appraisal world.

Soren has been in love with real estate since he sold his first home in 2009, has worked in low-income housing in New York City, and been an investor in rental property since 2019. Soren has lived on four continents and loves to travel. In his free time, he loves all things movies, hiking, golden retrievers, volunteering with the Appraisal Institute, attending open houses, Green Bay Packers, and hanging out with his two kids and wife in their home in Albany.