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Tamara Spokane

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Tamara Spokane is a true California Girl. She was born in San Diego, grew up in Los Angeles, and moved to Berkeley in 1995 to attend UC Berkeley. She graduated in 1999 with a bachelors degree in Integrative Sciences. Living in San Francisco, Tamara worked at a variety of dot com jobs, which led her to the appraisal industry in 2001 where her initial focus was on live-work lofts. Her appraisal experience advanced rapidly as assignments to appraise a variety of properties took her all over the region and she quickly became the lead appraiser in 2003, and within a year she was training other appraisers.

In 2005 she joined the Yovino-Young family of appraisers and now lives in Oakland. Almost immediately, Tamara became the protege of Michael Yovino-Young in his specialty of appraising boutique lodging and hospitality properties, especially bed and breakfast inns, of which she has now appraised more than 50 businesses throughout Northern California.

Since the best thing about San Francisco is the view from the Berkeley Hills, Tamara’s favorite thing to do is to hike with her dog and new baby girl up above the Claremont Hotel and behind Cal’s football stadium on the trails of Strawberry Canyon. Her other hobbies and interests include yoga, dancing and cooking.


Certified General Real Estate Appraiser, Licensed by the State of California Office of Real Estate Appraisers (OREA), License AG 032515 – Expiration 2023

Designated Member of the Appraisal Institute, MAI Designation (2012)

Candidate for ASA Accredited Senior Appraiser Real Property Designation (2014)

Qualified as an expert witness in the Superior Court, State of California.


Graduate of University of California at Berkeley, BS in Integrative Biology (1995-1999)


Allied Business School:

Appraisal Principles, USPAP Courses, Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, Real Estate Finance (2003-2005)

Appraisal Institute:

Business Practice & Ethics (2005 & 2010)

Advanced Income Capitalization (Course 510) (2005)

Advanced Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use (Course 520) (2007)

Advanced Sales Comparison & Cost Approaches (Course 530) (2010)

General Appraiser Report Writing & Case Studies (2010)

Advanced Applications (Course 550) (2010)

Advanced Applications (Course 550) (2010)

Passed Comprehensive Examination for MAI Designation (2010)

Passed Demonstration Report Capstone Program (2012)

Separating Intangible Assets (2013)

American Society of Appraisers:

Allocating Components in Going Concerns Appraisals (2014)


All types of appraisal assignments in the San Francisco Bay Area with emphasis on commercial, industrial, office, complex residential, special purpose properties, and lodging with emphasis on bed and breakfast inns and boutique hotels.

2005-Present Senior Commercial Real Estate Appraiser Yovino-Young, Inc., Berkeley, California

2001-2005 AppraisalHub, San Francisco, California